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Any questions? We invite you to email, or visit The Law Offices of Edward R. Curtin, Esq. website, to get free answers to whatever questions you may have about any aspect of New York real estate law and practice. Mr. Curtin has over 35 years experience as a real estate practitioner in New York, and is happy to answer your email inquiries without obligation or charge.

If you already have an exclusive listing with another broker, the Curtin law firm is available to represent you in the sale of your property as your attorney at competitive rates. The Curtin law firm also has extensive expertise in structuring and documenting §1031 exchange transactions for condominium owners who are renting out their units, and represents clients who are interested in purchasing qualified §1031 exchange properties to defer capital gains taxes. Owners of condos interested in selling their units subject to existing leases should email to discuss their available options.